Experience the Splendor of Fall in the Redwood Falls, MN Area

Unraveling the Charm of Southwest MN: Redwood Falls in Autumn

As the leaves transform into hues of crimson and gold, Southwest Minnesota emerges as a spectacle of natural beauty. In particular, the Redwood Falls area radiates an unbeatable charm during fall, offering a myriad of unique experiences and attractions that make it a must-visit destination.

Fun-Filled Family Excursions in Redwood Falls

Redwood Falls and the Redwood Area boast numerous attractions catering to the entire family. Plan your itinerary with these amazing destinations:

We Saw At Ramsey Park Playground

Ramsey Park

Enjoy a leisurely walk or a thrilling bike ride along the trails of Ramsey Park, overlooking the scenic Redwood River. The park, often touted as the "Little Yellowstone of Minnesota," is home to an abundance of wildlife and offers picturesque picnic spots, the iconic Ramsey Falls and overlook, along with playgrounds for the little ones to enjoy.

Peacock Ramsey ParkRamsey Zoo

Located in Ramsey Park, the Ramsey Zoo is a small yet fascinating attraction. It houses an array of animals. The zoo is a wonderful educational opportunity, where children can learn about different species in an engaging environment. Whether it's marveling at the peacocks or feeding the deer, or watching the buffalo and elk, the Ramsey Zoo delivers delightful experiences for children and adults alike.

Lake Redwood

Immerse in the serene beauty of Lake Redwood, nestled within the town. Whether it's a calming kayak or canoe ride you enjoy or a peaceful picnic by the lakeside with a fun time on the playground, the shimmering waters and the gentle rustle of leaves create an idyllic environment to take in the fall season.

Iverson Tree Farm

Experience the magic of autumn at Iverson Tree Farm near Belview, MN. This family-friendly destination offers a variety of fall activities that are sure to delight. Wander through the sprawling pumpkin patch, in search of the perfect pumpkin for your fall decor or Halloween carving. Enjoy the rustic charm of a hayride, taking in the vibrant hues of the changing leaves in the river valley. Iverson Tree Farm is a splendid setting for making cherished fall memories.

Grandview Valley Winery

Experience the rustic charm of Grandview Valley Winery. Nestled amidst rolling hills of the MN River Valley, and just down the way from Iverson Tree Farm, this winery offers a serene spot to sip on exquisite flavors and delicious and unique pizzas, coupled with stunning vineyard views, making it a perfect setting for a delightful fall outing.

Holmberg Orchard

Holmberg Orchard, located near Vesta, MN, is a key fall destination. Wander through rows of apple trees, heavy with ripe, juicy fruit, as you hand-pick your favorites. Beyond the joy of apple picking, Holmberg Orchard also houses a pumpkin patch, outdoor games, hayrides, and more. Additionally, the on-site store offers a variety of apples as well as apple-based products such as cider, preserves, and pies, allowing you to bring a little piece of Holmberg Orchard home with you to enjoy. We highly recommend the apple crisp! The perfect dessert to pop in the oven when you return to The Vintage Inn for your stay.

Downtown Redwood Falls

After a day of adventure, take a relaxing stroll through the local businesses downtown, all within walking distance from The Vintage Inn.

For a comprehensive list of attractions and events, visit Redwoodfalls.org.

Embrace the Outdoors: Adventures in Redwood Falls

Golfing enthusiasts and nature lovers alike will find solace in the plethora of outdoor activities Redwood Falls has to offer. Tee-off at one of the local golf courses or explore the Lower Sioux Agency or nearby county parks, with their captivating and educational nature trails. The Scenic Byway, adorned with the colors of fall, provides a picturesque backdrop for photographs and memories.

Vintage Inn: Your Cozy Corner in Redwood Falls

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Redwood Falls: An Autumn Paradise Awaits

Redwood Falls in the fall is more than just a destination; it's an experience blending adventure, relaxation, and natural beauty. From the charm of The Vintage Inn to the allure of the local attractions, there's something for everyone. Experience the autumn magic of Redwood Falls, MN, and the surrounding area!

Book your stay at The Vintage Inn and relax and enjoy family time together this fall!

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